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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your main eligibility criteria?

You can find our eligibility criteria  in our Grant Guidance document, downloadable from the Apply page. You can also find it on The Grant page, but essentially, our main criteria is that you are an asylum seeker or have limited leave and are not entitled to student finance,  are from a low income background, are academically talented and are applying for your first degree.

Can I apply from overseas?

You need to have asylum or limited leave, be resident in the UK and applying for your first degree in the UK.

Can I apply for a postgraduate course?

No, we only fund your first degree and you must not have started your first degree when applying.

Can I apply for fees already incurred on a degree course?

No, we do not fund already incurred fees.

Are there things you do not fund?

Yes, there are - please see our Grant Guidance document on our website's 'Apply' page.

How is the Foundation run?

A board of Governors is responsible for the overall direction, work and effectiveness of the Foundation.

I am interested in your work - can I find out more?

We welcome invitations to talk to UK Councils, schools, universities and other groups who have an interest in referring to us